With consumers spending more and more time on their phones, tablets and computers, it should come as no surprise that digital advertising was the #1 advertising media in 2017. That being said, digital marketing in Austin, TX is still the Wild West, with newfangled gadgets, platforms and buzzwords presented every month. We streamline the buzzwords and fancy jargon and make digital marketing easy for businesses by using proven solutions geared towards helping businesses raise awareness, generate leads and increase store traffic. We make digital advertising easy -- and it works.



Bullseye Search

  • Improves organic rank on search engines for select keywords

  • 86% of customers rank on page one of search engines within six months

  • Increases effectiveness of offline advertising, such as radio

  • All campaigns include a real-time reporting dashboard with keyword rank and activity overview


Bullseye Display

  • Places ads across thousands of available websites and mobile apps

  • Placement based on target audience, content, and/or geography of user

  • Classic display, full screen display, and video ad capabilities

  • All campaigns are monitored on a regular basis and improvements are made when necessary

  • Solutions designed for lead generation/sales, traffic to store, brand engagement, and brand awareness

Bullseye Social

  • Places ads on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and/or Facebook’s Audience Network

  • Placement based on campaign marketing objective including lead generation, app installs, website traffic and brand awareness

  • Custom audience targeting capability including demographics, interests, behaviors and geography

  • Photo and video ad capabilities including text and call-to-action button


Endorsement Extension

  • Extend radio endorsements from trusted personalities using online solutions

  • Opportunities include

    • Radio station streaming and podcast pre-roll endorsements

    • Social media video endorsements from personality pages

    • Display ads using personality images on radio station website



  • Invite consumers to interact with your brand or build your database using trusted and well-known radio station websites

  • Opportunities include

    • Custom contest page hosted on radio station website(s)

    • adio station streaming pre-roll, social, and email database marketing linking back to contest page